How to Get Rid of Warts on Face

How to Remove Warts on Your Face

Warts are a general skin condition which is caused by an infectious human Papilloma Virus. In this article, I will try to let you know – how to get rid of warts on face, fingers, and other areas.  Warts on the face can vary. Some may be very small but what if it’s the biggest terrible creature that you can find in anyone’s face.

Usually, There are two types of warts on face. Flat warts on face are generally harmless. It will not affect your health or cause any disturbance within your body’s system but it is not definitely needed for aesthetic purposes. No one wants to have a large gathering of the wart on her face.

On the other hand, large and round warts on the face have negative aspects. The society looks down upon the people suffering from warts. Thus, most of the times, the sufferers do not seek treatment as they are embarrassed or scared. Small warts are normally found on the fingers and the hands and the nearby areas.

The larger warts are much rounder and flatter relatively. Flat warts on face and hands are also common. The other type is plantar warts which mostly show up on feet. The problem mentioned above can even be worsened once your wart grows into clusters. If you don’t want to have grapelike colonies in your face, you must stop them from growing the first time you have noticed their appearance.

Types of Warts

There are five major types of warts. Each type becomes visible on a different part of the body and has a discrete appearance.

Types of Warts

Common warts: It is usually growing on your fingers and toes, but can show elsewhere. They have a rough, grainy look and a rounded top. Common warts are grayer than the surrounding skin.

Plantar warts:  It grows on the soles of the feet.  You can tell if you have a plantar wart if you observe what appears to be a small hole in the bottom of your foot that is surrounded by hardened skin. Plantar warts can make walking uncomfortable.

Flat warts: It usually grows on the face, thighs, or arms. They are small and not immediately noticeable. Flat warts have a flat top as if they’ve been fragmented. They can be pink, brownish, or slightly yellow.

Filiform warts: It grows around your mouth or nose and sometimes on your neck or under your chin. They are tiny and shaped like a small flap or tag of skin. These kinds of warts are the same color as your skin. 

Periungual warts: It grows under and around the toenails and fingernails. They can be painful and affect nail growth.

How to identify a wart?

Common warts are small, grainy skin growths that take place most often on your fingers or hands. Rough to the touch, common warts also repeatedly feature a prototype of tiny black dots, which are small, clotted blood vessels.

Common warts are caused by a virus and are spread by touch. It can take a wart as long as two to six months to expand after your skin has been exposed to the virus. Common warts are usually harmless and ultimately disappear on their own. But many people choose to remove them because they find them troublesome or uncomfortable.

Common warts generally occur on  fingers or hands and may be:

  • Small, fleshy, grainy bumps
  • Flesh-colored, white, pink or tan
  • Rough to the touch
  • Scattered with black pinpoints, which are little, clotted blood vessels

How to get rid of warts?

Learning about how to get rid of warts would start from determining whether you are suffering from warts or not. If you find some new growth showing on your skin and it is not a pimple then probably you need identifying it before to start off with any treatment. There are several types of warts. Thus, wart or mole identification and treating it correctly is very much important.

You can find many medical procedures found associated with warts. Laser treatment, surgeries, and the burning treatment are the most common treatments for treating warts suggested by the doctors. Most of these treatments are effective. However, some people undergoing surgeries find warts reoccurring in the same areas. Thus, such results could leave the sufferers frustrated and feeling hopeless.

Getting rid of warts does not essentially mean spending a large amount on different treatments. People have exposed many household remedies for getting rid of warts. These household remedies for warts have proved to be helpful eradicating these ugly skin blemishes and getting the self-esteem back. You can find some proven natural treatments for treating your skin condition. However, prior to undergoing any treatment for warts, consult your physician.

The type of wart treatment you receive depends on the type of wart you have. Warts can be hard to get rid of since the thick layers of skin make it quite hard for the medicine to reach the virus inside that causes them to show in the first place. There are several ways to treat them, but treatments can sometimes be complicated and can’t remove the wart root even after a wart seems to be removed, it might come right back.

If you want surgical procedures to be done just to get rid of warts, you need to consult a professional physician. Surgical procedures are painful and may cause anxiety to patients. The healing process may also be slow and really takes some time. And do you know that it will not be removed from only a single visit? There are NUMBERS of the session with the physician that you must complete.

Surgical procedures may also leave a scar on the face which may defeat the purpose of why you had your wart removed. You are treating the wart to make your skin perfect and not to replace it with a scar. Because of these reasons, it has been an argument of whether we can really use such methods to treat children with warts. It may be very painful and at the same time may really lead to noticeable scars.

If this isn’t your first article that you have read to explore wart removal, then chances are you have seen a lot of people touting folk remedies such as duct tape removal, cutting the wart out with a razor as well as an assortment of herbal treatments like Castor oil, or tea tree oil.

From a personal point of view, I was able to actually cut my wart off but I should state that not only did it take a couple of times and I had to really dig into the skin (which also meant that I was risking infection), but it was a painful process.

Most of the home remedies were tested, it was concluded that most of the duct tape and those who tried to cut off the wart had to come into the clinic to have it treated medically because “it didn’t work”.

Other folk remedies such as tea tree oil and Castor oil work as well but usually are pretty time severe and require you to be vigilant and dedicated.  Most of the herbal treatments (wart removal medicine) take 2-4 weeks before the wart vanishes which also leads me to the question of whether it worked because of the herbal treatment itself or was it just healed automatically on time. So, It will be difficult to say it is the best wart remover.

Home remedies that can get rid of a wart fast

Home remedies that can get rid of a wart fast

There are a lot of home remedies for warts that actually do work straight out of the box.  In terms of speed, barring a visit to the dermatologist (which is expensive but quick), most of the home remedies require at minimum, 7 days, with most of the homeopathic solutions taking upwards of 3 weeks.

Most of the home remedies out there are nothing more than several types of herbs that are used for wart removal.  Most of the common herbs are tea tree oil, different types of plant oil and Castor oil.  Some use corrosive or acidic properties such as bloodroot.

While you could make your own wart home remedy, I would most likely recommend simply purchasing one though.  Most of these companies have tested their products and have the science to the amounts of each herbal properties that go into the medication.

If you are hoping for a one day home remedy wart removal system that is safe, there is none.  I would have to recommend a dermatologist.  However, if you don’t mind waiting for 1-4 weeks for the wart to disappear, then a herbal home remedy may be your best bet.

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