How to get your ex back fast by text message

Your ex may be dating for a second time, but you still want to get your ex back. Do you want your ex back, but your ex completely disregards you? Would you like to be able to pull your ex, but he/she just seems to only want to ‘be friends’? If your circumstance is like the above, more thrilling, or whatever your case is, then these stunning subversive secrets will get your ex back no matter what!

Try to follow the following strategies –

  • Ignore your ex – I really don’t care if you are friends, just ignore your ex! Even if your ex does not even talk to you, stop talking to him/her! No emails, no text messages, no contact at all; for at least 2 weeks! Do this, and the magic will start because your ex will begin missing you and will become snooping.
  • After two weeks send the following text message – “Hey, that’s a great idea, I would love to go there this Friday. Ya, I will wear something sexy, and you better too ;)”
  • The response – Your ex will absolutely respond to that message, because he/she would become jealous and curious, doubting if you are with someone else. When they text you back (or call), don’t instantly answer it, and also don’t just start talking like there is no tomorrow! Be vague and dry, and cut the talk short, this will guarantee that your ex keeps some interest.
  • Date someone your ex knows – Now that you have recognized that your ex is now somewhat interested in you again, and is a little jealous, let’s top that off with the eventual cherry! Date someone your ex knows so that he/she will have no choice but to see you with someone else. This will make your ex burn, even if he/she is dating someone else. You will find that in no time your ex will forgetting about anyone else, and will be chasing you.

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